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Feb 2024 Healy- Health and Sales

Aloha, Lovers of Energy, Frequency, Vibration!

Tesla said: If you want to know the secrets of the universe, look at Energy, Frequency, and Vibration. Down at the cellular level, we are SPACE! Our cell walls have an electromagnetic value. Our Mitochondria wall has an electromagnetic value (see why EMF's can put you out of balance?)

I have been using my Healy Professional Model for a year now. And I will never quit. I actually had to replace the hardware ( after i jumped in the ocean with it- whales!). It is the last thing I need for my health. It has allowed me to experience Expansion without fear.

I am getting the same muscle benefits as when i injected peptides 5 nights a week. I have had the energy and stamina to keep up with my 5 month old granddaughter for a 3 week visit.!

Right now, I am running the program HAIR HARMONY- even with adequate thyroid replacement, I still lose hair from the wifi/cell phones/stress/etc. 44 minutes of various frequencies: and the Quantum Sensor is reading and feeding me the frequencies I need for balance. Every 10 seconds it looks at me and brings my frequencies up. WHEN A CELL IS BALANCED IN FREQUENCIES, it can HEAL. I am using the cords and wrist bands this time, as the direct MICROCURRENT raises the ATP levels by 500%. And that is the basis of all energy in our mitochondria.

MONDAY 8 am HST - a live zoom showing how Healy and YOGA integrate- personal and by practitioners. REGISTER at:

A recording of Practitioners using the Healy in their Treatments. PLAY the January 29th,2024 recording. 

AND JUICY JUICY sales again this month! Much  more info at this link: and flash sales off n on!:


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